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Writing and reciting Acehnese: perspecti   Writing and reciting Acehnese: perspecti... - PDF Document (37 M)
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Citation Daud, B. ( 1997). Writing and reciting Acehnese: perspectives on language and literature in Aceh. PhD thesis, Arts - School of Languages and Linguistics, The University of Melbourne.
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Title Writing and reciting Acehnese: perspectives on language and literature in Aceh
Creator Daud, Bukhari
Date 1997
Subject / Keywords Acehnese language, Acehnese literature
Abstract This dissertation is a descriptive study of Acehnese language literacy and literature within a multilingual culture. Acehnese is an Austronesian language, spoken by approximately 2.7 million people at the northern end of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Acehnese has existed in a multilingual context, notably Arabic and Malay, which have typically given shape to the development of Acehnese language literacy. Pathways to literacy acquisition are not direct: traditional literacy is developed through the contexts Arabic and Malay learning, while modern literacy is developed through the context of Bahasa Indonesia. The ability to read and write Acehnese texts in the Jawi script requires basic knowledge of Arabic and Malay in addition to adequate knowledge of Acehnese language itself.
Acehnese is written in two types of script: the Jawi and the Roman alphabet. The development of the Roman script is due to the influence of modern secular education.
Acehnese displays exceptionally rich and distinguished poetic traditions. The various kinds and uses of poetry are described in some detail. Of special interest of this study is to explore the role of poetry and its relationship with literacy development. This is significant since virtually all Acehnese written texts, which serves a wide range of functions in the life of Acehnese people, are in verse. Some types of poetry are consistently written down: mainly hikayat, and as a result hikayat forms a major poetic text type within the genre of Acehnese poetry.
Type PhD thesis
Language eng
Notes © 1997 Dr. Bukhari Daud
Publication Status Unpublished
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Faculty/Department Arts - School of Languages and Linguistics
Institution The University of Melbourne
Collection Research Collections (UMER)
PID 284013
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